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Meet Our Team

Craftsman and Artist

MnD's Crafters & Paintings

Maureen (Mo) Salter

VP and Artist

Maureen (Mo) Salter is a seasoned artist with over 50 years of experience in the field. Her love for the arts began at an early age when she studied under her Aunt, an artist from Arizona. Over the years, Mo has explored a range of mediums including oil, acrylic, and ink, and has honed her skills to create beautiful, expressive works of art.

Together with her husband, Dave, Mo has created a unique bond by combining his craftsmanship with her artistic talents. Working with wood, leather, canvas, metal, and many other mediums, they have produced stunning pieces that showcase their joint creative spirit.

Mo's passion for art extends to a very special project: painting ultrasound images for EloRose Ultrasound. Using her skills and expertise, Mo creates beautiful paintings of ultrasound babies over the age of 28 weeks on a 12x12 canvas, capturing the wonder and joy of new life in a unique and meaningful way.

Mo's artwork has been featured in exhibitions and private collections all over the United States, as well as in Canada and Sweden. Her work can be found online on her Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram pages, as well as on this website.

Dave Salter

President and Craftsman

At MnD's Crafters & Paintings, we specialize in creating unique and beautiful wood crafts that will add style and character to any home. Our pieces are carefully crafted by our experienced crafter, Dave, who has over 50 years experience in the art of woodworking. He originally learned from his parents, and has since developed his own unique style of benches and other pieces that showcase his attention to detail. Whether you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching piece for your home, or a thoughtful gift for someone special, you’ll find it here at MnD's Crafters & Paintings.

Heading 6
Artist painting a heartbeat tracing
Craftman making a bench

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