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MnD's Crafters & Paintings
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MnD's Crafters & Paintings

We are MnD's Crafters & Paintings

Hi World!

We're proud to offer the highest quality, most unique merchandise on the market today. Dave created a usable product, that combined with Maureen's artistic ability, has married a creation that is difficult to find elsewhere. From our family to yours, we put lots of love and careful attention in each item. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. Designing just the right product for you can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. We actually design and hand paint your bench. MnD's Crafters' products are not mass produced. Each item is individually made. No two items look exactly the same because no two pieces of wood have the same grain. We take advantage of the grain to help enhance the design that is placed on the front of the product. Working primarily with pine and oak, we strive to keep the natural beauty. We take a special interest in each and every product made by hand.​ Keep reviewing for more and more wood products yet to come soon; be the first to know.

My art business has been designated as a "Trusted Art Seller" which means you can shop with confidence and know that we stand behind the quality and value of our products.

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