• Our products can be designed for the outdoors or
    indoor environment.
  • Our products can be custom built to your
  • Our products are not only appealing to the eye, but
    sturdy for your home use.
Designing just the
product for you can
be as easy
as 1, 2, 3.
Want a storage
bench in your
entryway that is
just the right
size and shape?
How about a
bench with your
favorite sport
on the front.
Stickers? Not us, we
will actually design
and hand paint,
airbrush, or ink
your bench.
This is truly a one
of a kind
experience that
you WILL
NOT find anywhere
Discover Wood!

More often than not, to try and find an inexpensive, yet durable, piece
of furniture for your home is quite difficult. In most cases, it is almost
produced. MnD's Crafters products are not mass produced. Each item
is individually made. No two items look exactly the same because no
two pieces of wood have the same grain. We take advantage of the
grain to help enhance the design that is placed on the front of the
product. Working primarily with pine and oak, we strive to keep the
natural beauty. We take a special interest in each and every product
made by hand.